Written by: Pamela Snyder, RDH             

You’ve finally found a vitamin your child will take… the gummy vitamin. They love them, it’s like having a piece of candy and it’s good for you! But is it?

At Dr. Jeannine Wyke’s office, we stress that parents stay away from anything gummy. As we discuss this with our patients & their parents, they often forget about THE GUMMY VITAMIN. Your child’s back teeth (molars) are filled with  pits and fissures ( grooves) and the gummy vitamins will get stuck in these grooves and can cause cavities!

Not all children need to take a daily vitamin. If your pediatrician recommends a daily vitamin, the choices are overwhelming. Shopping for vitamins has become like a scavenger hunt of sorts. If the label says high fructose corn syrup, sucralose or aspartame put it right back on the shelf. All of these are sugar!! We recommend the chewable type of vitamin. You can find sugar- free chewable as well as sugar- free gummy vitamins. So can we take the gummy vitamin if it’s sugar-free? Our answer is no because of the sticky consistency of the gummy vitamins and anything left in the molars even surgar-free increase the risk for cavities. If you are uncertain about the vitamin you have chosen for your child call our office at 610 867-1511 to schedule your next appointment and bring the vitamin container with you and we can decipher the label together. We are here to help your children grow up with a healthy smile!