When your child has a checkup & and cavity is found, there are various treatments Dr. Jeannine Wyke  recommends to fix the tooth, one of these is a pulpotomy and a stainless steel crown.  A  Pulpotomy is not a baby root canal; it is the removal of a portion of the pulp including the diseased (decayed) area with the intent of maintaining the tooth structure. The need to save the tooth structure will help to maintain the space until the permanent tooth can come in properly. Parents who have had root canals seem to panic a bit when they hear the term pulpotomy. Dr. Jeannine Wyke tries to make this very easy & describes it as jewelry or a cool helmet to protect the tooth. The   treatment is usually followed by a stainless steel crown. This also is not like a grown up crown. It is a crown made of stainless steel that is used to protect the remaining baby tooth structure until the tooth is ready to exfoliate ( fall out). Also when your child looses the crowned tooth it will fall out just like their other teeth. The tooth fairy is just getting a tooth with a little extra BLING!