Written by Sarah Snik RDH

Children as well as adults with special needs need quality dental care just like the rest of us. Providing care to a patient with autism, Down syndrome or other physical, developmental or cognitive conditions requires a dentist and staff who specially caters to these patients. At our office we understand that children and adults may exhibit resistant behavior due to anxiety or lack of understanding of dental care.

Dr. Jeannine Wyke is specially trained to accommodate our patients while working with any limitations which may exist. She consults with the patient’s other health care providers to understand the effects of a child’s condition and provide effective care. Our experienced staff always treats our special needs patients with understanding and compassion. We work hard to adapt the dental experience to make our patients as comfortable as possible. One of my favorite patients likes me to sing ” I’ve Been Working On the Railroad” throughout the appointment, over and over… and I look forward to it every time. With the parent or caregiver’s assistance, special needs patients can be seen in our office and receive routine care such as examinations, cleanings and fillings. We treat our patients with special needs with a slower approach, Appointment times may be longer and will be scheduled when our office is not as busy so we can provide excellent care.

At our office we typically say farewell to our pediatric patients after they graduate college, transitioning them to a general dentist. Dr. Wyke realizes there is decreased access to dental care for patient’s with special healthcare needs beyond pediatric age. Should they wish to stay, Dr. Wyke will continue to see our special needs patients for life.

At Dr. Wykes office we understand that raising a child with special needs can be as rewarding as it is challenging and we look forward to providing patient and compassionate dental care to you .