Written by: Pamela Snyder, RDH

Volcano eruptionbaby experiencing dental eruption

When you hear the word eruption do you think of a volcano or a tooth?

Eruption is defined as a sudden outbreak of something, typically something unwelcome or noisy. So yes, a volcanic eruption is like a tooth eruption. The first tooth suddenly breaks through the gum and to an infant it can be a bit unwelcoming and it also can make your life a little noisy! When you are at Dr. Jeannine E. Wyke’s Office and we discuss eruption we are talking about your child’s tooth breaking through the gum. Dental eruption begins as early as a few months old, usually with the 2 lower front teeth and can last until 3 years of age. Your child will have 20 teeth when eruption is complete…… And then starts all over with the permanent teeth erupting which can last until early teens ( talk about unwelcome and noisy!) Please feel free to ask us any questions about eruption at your next visit.