Our Kiddo-Approved Services

Our Bethlehem, PA practice only treats infants, adolescents, and individuals with special needs, so all our services are specially devised for them.

Modern Pediatric Dentistry

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In order to keep our patients’ smiles healthy, Dr. Jeannine Wyke uses modern technology during your child’s six-month exam. This allows us to detect and diagnose any potential dental issues early and prevent them from becoming serious problems. As a pediatric dentist, we examine your child’s teeth and gums, looking for harmful bacteria and plaque build-up.

We adapt each exam to the age, confidence, and needs of our patients, but we always strive to make them fun. A typical exam at our office will include:

  • Comprehensive examination of the teeth and gums
  • Cavity risk assessment
  • Evaluation of oral hygiene
  • Helpful tips and hints for preventive home care
  • Bite check
  • Digital x-rays (if required)

Every exam is gently and carefully conducted. Dr. Wyke explains every step to our kiddos and then explains recommendations to you. Involving you in the treatment is of utmost importance to us as is pursuing treatment that everyone is confident in.

Hygiene Visits

From the day they receive their first tooth, plaque becomes a risk factor. Although a solid twice a day brushing and flossing routine is essential for healthy teeth, there may be some plaque build-up which is hard to reach. Through regular six-month cleanings, our skilled team can protect your infant, child, or adolescent from more serious dental problems.

Dr. Wyke and our dental hygienist work with you to help prevent any build-up and promote a healthy smile.

During a hygiene visit, a professional cleaning is performed. This is when our hygienist carefully and gently removes any unhealthy bacteria or plaque from your child’s mouth.

Each hygiene visit is customized to the needs of your little one or teen and includes expert oral hygiene advice and nutritional guidance. As your child grows we guide you both in the way of proper oral hygiene so they can have a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Growth & Development
When you bring your child to their six-monthly check-up, we not only check his or her teeth but the gums too. We take time to assess growth and development to maintain a foundation of oral health and monitor any potential future complications.

Dr. Jeannine Wyke and our dental hygienists use modern technology and the utmost care to assess kids’ dental health and development. We also look for any inflammation, sensitivity, or bleeding, which could indicate the early signs of gum disease or bite misalignment that may need orthodontic care. If such issues occur then we will discuss how to implement a solid hygiene routine and treatment plan. This will help control dental issues and reduce any discomfort felt by your child.

Our hygiene visits are always fun and informative. Dr. Wyke and her team speak directly to children about dental health in a way they can understand. Whether they love sports or cartoons, we find a way to motivate them so they see the importance of a healthy smile. Of course, we discuss everything with you as a parent and explain how you can help too!

Oral Cancer Check
It is an unfortunate fact that oral cancer is on the rise in the U.S. Although this disease is rare in children, it still poses a potential risk. As a pediatric dentist, we partner with you as the first line of defense, which is something we take very seriously.

Oral cancer can exhibit itself by mouth or lip sores, patches of red or white in the mouth, lumps, or unexplained bleeding. If you notice any of these symptoms then please contact us.

Early detection is possible through regular oral cancer checks. These checks include an examination of your child’s mouth and discussion of his or her hygiene habits. Protecting your child against any potential risk is our number one priority.

Fluoride Treatment
Fluoride is one of the most effective tools we have to prevent cavities and strengthen children’s teeth. Although it is recommended that most children receive a fluoride varnish application at least every 6 months, some children may need monthly applications to reduce early childhood dental risks.

At our office, we are proud to offer fluoride treatment designed to increase protection and prevent dental issues. This treatment simply involves Dr. Wyke applying a special varnish after your child’s dental cleaning.

With increased fluoride levels kids can enjoy healthier and happier smiles!

Tooth decay often occurs on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. These surfaces have pits and grooves that trap plaque, bacteria, and bits of food. The pits and grooves are hard to keep clean because toothbrush bristles cannot reach into them. Therefore trapped debris begins to cause decay and cavities start to form. To help protect your child’s teeth from this, Dr. Wyke offers dental sealants.

Sealants work by filling in the grooves on the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. This prevents particles from getting caught in these areas and assists with proper brushing. The sealants process involves a cleaning and then a flowable material being painted onto each tooth. This material fills the crevasses and hardens, leaving a natural-looking finish.

The application is fast, efficient, and most importantly effective. Sealants can protect kids’ teeth for many years.

Special Needs
Whether a child has been diagnosed with autism, a seizure disorder, or anxiety issues, oral health care remains an important part of overall health.

Dr. Wyke and her staff have created an environment that is comfortable and welcoming for all. We treat each patient as an individual and can customize the appointment to fit your child and family’s situation.

Sedation Dentistry
Occasionally, we see a kiddo who is extremely nervous about their dental visit or who needs restorative care. When this is the case, our experienced and fun team puts them at ease with their playful personalities and genuine care. In addition, Dr. Wyke has undergone hours of continued education in order to provide sedation options.

Some children may need more extensive dental care, which requires them to sit for a while or they maybe suffer from dental anxiety. Whatever the case, our team offers nitrous oxide to help them relax. During a sedation procedure, we stay by their side and consistently update you (as a parent) of their progress.

Sedation dentistry is safe and effective. Plus, with Dr. Jeannine Wyke, your child is always in the hands of an expert!

We LOVE the patience, compassion, and competence that Dr. Wyke and her staff provide our daughter with special needs. They are unfazed by the challenges she sometimes offers, and always treat her in a professional and caring manner. We have loads of medical specialists in our lives – Dr. Wyke and her wonderful staff are definitely our favorites!

Bonnie (Actual Patient's Mom)

Kids' Restorative Care

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Although our goal is to teach you and your child to prevent cavities, occasionally we need to fix one. When this happens, our pediatric dental team in Bethlehem, PA is able to provide fillings.

A filling restores a damaged tooth using a special resin that fills the hole in your kiddo’s tooth. Dr. Wyke will explain and show your child how she will remove the decay. She then begins the process by cleaning away the bacteria and filling the tooth with a restorative material. At our office, we offer two types of fillings:

Amalgam/silver: These fillings are less expensive but are more noticeable due to their dark color.

Composite/white: These are made from a natural tooth-colored material to preserve the beauty of your child’s smile.

Both variations are durable and bond successfully with your child’s natural teeth. The process is quick and is ideal for restoring a smile.

If your child’s tooth has become extremely damaged due to excessive tooth decay or if it has been broken, then Dr. Wyke may recommend a crown. Crowns are caps that replace the damaged part of the tooth. They are carefully bonded to the remaining tooth to restore the function of your smile.

Crowns are made from a durable material and are designed to fit your child’s bite. This procedure is fast and easy and results in the restoration of your child’s bite and smile.

There are times when your pediatric dentist is unable to save your child’s tooth due to severe decay, infection, or orthodontic correction. When this happens, a dental extraction or “wiggle” (in our office) is prescribed. An extraction may sound a little scary but the procedure is very simple.

If your child is in need of “wiggle” we ask that you let Dr. Wyke explain the process to your child in her magical way. Before extracting the tooth, Dr. Wyke cleans the area and may offer sedation options for more nervous kids. Next, she prepares the tooth and removes it.

After the extraction, the area is kept clean with gauze and individual instructions to your child’s situation will be reviewed.

Sports Mouth Guards
Sports mouth guards are so helpful in preventing dental injuries. The Academy of Sports Dentistry recommends all kids use a sports mouth guard to protect their teeth when participating in any sporting activity.

Dr. Wyke and her team make custom mouth guards that fit your child’s smile perfectly. These custom mouth guards are more effective than the over the counter ones because they fit around your child’s bite. Plus, we make them super cool by customizing the colors and personalizing them to your team’s logo or number.

We Specialize in Caring for Kid's Smiles